Tillandsia Care:
Tillandsia: Commonly called air plants, are in the Bromeliad family which includes
pineapple and Spanish moss. This Tillandsia will give you many years of enjoyment
as it blooms and reproduces.
Light: Brightly filtered light from windows, patio doors is OK. During winter, angled sun is fine. In summer keep out of sun, plants can get sunburned. Dark rooms, put in light often. Water: Airplants absorb moisture & nutrients through leaves. Mist using a fine spray. Use mister bottle
or a windex bottle works well. Note: see Fertilizer:for correct mixture.
Temperature: Optimal 50 degrees to 90 can tolerate near freezing for short period. Protect from frost. Air: Good movement of air is necessary for optimal growth. Fertilizer: Miracle Grow, or any plant fertilizer can be used for any airplants.
"Tint" the water to a very light blue. Using this weak (1 teaspoon per gallon) mixture enables you to safely mist the
airplants, overfertilizing will burn your airplants, in this case, less is better.
Mount: This plant is a epiphyte (needs no soil). Mount on Cholla wood driftwood, rock or tree. Keep plant base and roots free of soil or moss to allow air circulation. Use E 6000 or liquid nails. You can also use the hot glue gun, but wait until the glue
is almost set before mounting the airplants. If the glue is too hot it will burn the plants.
Do not glue the tips - Glue to the side.
Soaking: Air plants cannot be filled with water or have any part in water. They will mold and die. Shake dry, dew mist works for watering. Note: The plants are exotic, will get larger, flower, and have new plants. Success depends on your care. No warranties. Airplant Gardens by Essence Pottery Phone: 814-864-4410 E-mail