We have several sizes and shapes for the orbs both hanging and sitting. All orbs come with colored glass of choice, shells and plant or plants for the larger orbs.

Small round orbs $15.00 one plant

Large round orbs $21.00 two plants

Ex- large orbs $30.00 3 plants

We occasionally have a larger orb for fall shows and special order. $35.00-$40.00 4 plants

Small Teardrop orbs $14.00 one plant

Large orbs $19.00 two plants

Double orb - two small round orbs $30.00 one plant each

Double orb - two large round orbs $ 42.00 two plants each

Table orbs - several sizes - two - 4 plants - $25. - $40.

Glass suncatcher for hanging orbs $7 with orb and $10 sold alone

We provide fertilizer for 1 gallon of distilled water which needs to be purchased and a handmade hanger with hook and 2' line to bring the orb near eye level

Plants can be purchased separately prices range from $2 to $7. We occasionally carry larger plants as available.